Community Links

Entraide Mercier:

Entraide Mercier’s mission is to support people in need and encourage community sharing.
To achieve its mission, the organization operates a community thrift store.
It is open to the general public for purchases. Profits generated by the counter’s activities, as well as donations and grants, enable the organization to fight poverty and social exclusion, and help disadvantaged people in different spheres of their lives.

They provide us with monthly newsletters featuring community events & services:
Infolettre écoles septembre 23-VFR
Infolettre écoles Septembre 23 V-ang


La Rencontre Chateauguoise:

Through their various activities, La Rencontre Châteauguoise pursues the mission of “creating a place of welcome and exchange open to all, especially to people living in vulnerable situations, in order to break isolation, share and obtain the necessary tools to improve their living conditions and autonomy”.

Specifically, La Rencontre Châteauguoise pursues the following objectives:

*Offer disadvantaged families and individuals a community meal service and contribute to food security;
*Encourage welcoming and exchange between people who meet;
*Promote mutual aid and support between individuals and families;
*Raise public awareness of people living in precarious situations.

Volunteers are welcome. Please email them for information.

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