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The Gene Rossiter Memorial Awards

Thank you for your interest, applications for this scholarship are now closed.

The H.S. Billings Staff Hockey Club presents $500.00 to a deserving graduating HSB student who has maintained above-average effort in scholastic achievement, contributed to athletic and student life, has been involved in community affairs. The recipient is registered and will attend a post-secondary institution as of September 1.

The Mary Thompson Clarke Memorial Scholarship

Originally named the Pallas Athena Scholarship Fund, this scholarship was bestowed on HSB by an anonymous benefactor who named the scholarship after the Greek goddess of wisdom, science and technology.  The $1,000.00 scholarship is to be awarded to a female student who will be continuing her education in the fields of science and/or mathematics in a pre-university or technology program in a post-secondary institution.

The Jill Hutton Dyall Scholarship

The Jill Hutton Dyall scholarship is given to HSB from her husband John and their daughters in memory of Jill.  Born in October 1958 in Montreal and raised in Chateauguay Quebec.

Jill graduated from HSB in 1975. After graduating from St Lawrence College with a Nursing degree, Jill pursued a 25-year career specializing in ICU/CCU primary care nursing.  She lost a courageous battle to cancer in 2016. The Dyall Family is honoured to provide this award to a deserving HSB graduate in memory of Jill and her lifelong commitment to helping others as a Nurse, mother, friend and community volunteer. The $1,500.00 scholarship is to be awarded to a student who will be continuing their education in the field of nursing (or medical-related) in a post-secondary institution.  

The Dialogue McGill Bursary

Applications for the 2022-2023 year are now open for students studying in the health care system, ie:  pharmaceutical, dentistry, radiology, nurses aid, registered nurse, etc, and is open to students studying in local trade programs as well as CEGEP & University.  

Click the buttons to complete the required forms. In addition, students must submit their acceptance into a relative program, their CV, and/or all other relative info requested in the student guide.

Funding for Post-Secondary studies for Indigenous students

Tewatohnhi’saktha Workforce Development provides funding to Indigenous students to attend Vocational Training (Trade) programs. The types of funding we offer includes tuition, mandatory books/supplies, cost for travel and monthly student living allowances. We also offer one-on-one employment counseling, including help with resume writing, mock interviews and job search. For more information, please contact Emily Rice at emily.rice@kedc.biz
The Kahnawà:ke Education Center provides funding to Indigenous students to attend accredited Post-Secondary CEGEP and University level programs, including tuition, mandatory books/supplies, and monthly student living allowances. We offer one-on-one academic counseling, including help with the CEGEP application process, accepting/refusing offers of admission, making course schedules, applying for scholarships, and ongoing support throughout a student’s post-secondary career. We also assist students who are not eligible for our funding to access funding through other sources. For more information, please contact Bethany Douglas at bethany.douglas@kecedu.ca

Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship Program for post-secondary students

Post-secondary education is an expensive endeavor—especially for students impacted by the loss of a parent or guardian with little to no insurance coverage. The emotional and financial stress during this time can be devastating and hinder the dream to pursue post-secondary education.

That’s why Manulife has collaborated with Life Happens, a U.S. nonprofit organization that helps students pay for their education through the Life Lessons Scholarship Program.

Need a little financial help for your post-secondary education?

Quebec Student Loans & Bursaries Program

The Loans and Bursaries Program enables Québec students with insufficient financial resources to pursue full-time secondary school level vocational training, college or university studies. 
Assessment Simulator: https://www.quebec.ca/en/education/student-financial-assistance/loans-bursaries-full-time-studies/assessment/assessment-simulator/

Brochure: http://www.afe.gouv.qc.ca/en/all-publications/detail/student-financial-assistance-1/

CEGEP Entrance Scholarships & Bursaries:

Marianopolis College Entrance Scholarship: deadline to apply is March 1


Contact your CEGEP’s Financial Assistance Office to inquire once your acceptance is confirmed.

Quebec Perspective Scholarship Program: Coming in Fall 2022
Beginning in the Fall 2022 semester, Quebec students enrolled in specific 3-year technical DEC programs will be able to apply for the Quebec Perspective Scholarship Program. This incentive scholarship, to narrow Quebec laborer shortage gaps, will provide students in eligible programs with $1,500 for each full-time session successfully completed and up to $9,000 in total. More details on who is eligible and how to apply will soon be available on the Quebec Government website: https://www.quebec.ca/en/education/student-financial-assistance/perspective-scholarship-program

Financial Assistance Databases:

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