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Course Selection

HIVE Flex Options
Grade 7 & 8 Middle School

Grade 7 & 8 students can choose a HIVE Flex Period at the click of a button!

* This does not apply to IB Students. *

Course Selection
Grades 9, 10 & 11

Students in Grades 9, 10 and 11 have choices to make for their optional courses. Course selection for the next year takes place in April. It’s never to early to plan for Life After HSB! Email Mrs Williams if you have any questions!  

* This does not apply to IB Students. Check your ManageBac for IB info! *


Cégep programs require a Secondary School Diploma (SSD), which is granted with a minimum of 54 credits (20 of these from Sec. 5), and which must include Sec. 5 English, French, & Phys. Ed. OR ERC; AND Sec. 4 Math, Science, History, & Art.

Certain Cégep programs require specific additional courses. Prerequisite courses that were not taken in  High School MAY be taken in Cégep.         

Verify requirements on the Cégep websites or Pygma.ca as these may be subject to change.

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Vocational Education

Vocational training is available at Adult Education Centers throughout Quebec in both English and French. The philosophy of these centers is learning by doing. Learning is acquired in realistic settings with state-of-the-art equipment. Upon completion of a training program, graduates receive a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) from the Ministry of Education. In today’s labour market, technicians trained in Vocational Programs are highly sought after due to shortages in skilled labour.

All programs are tuition-free for Quebec residents who have the appropriate prerequisites as recognized by the Ministry of Education. Visit www.inforoutefpt.org for the most updated information.

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Have questions, or need help sorting through all the post-high school info?
Contact HSB’s Academic Counsellor, Ms Williams at ywilliams@nfsb.qc.ca

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