There’s a buzz around Billings for HIVE — our new cutting-edge programme for students in Grades 7 and 8.

We are the first school in Quebec to implement this new programme, based on the NEXTschool model.

This model asks students and staff to rethink a typical school day so that teaching and learning responds to the changing needs of the school community.

Our goal? Students engaged in learning:  wanting to be here and wanting to learn!

Three features are at the core of HIVE:

  1. HUB  – Daily Morning Check-ins
    • In HUB, a small group of students are assigned to a teacher-coach who guides students’ academic and social development. Students have a ‘fresh start’ every day.
  2. FLEX Courses
    • FLEX Courses play an important part in engaging students by offering choice in their education. Every term, students choose three new FLEX micro-courses. These courses are built around students’ interests, needs, and the development of Cross-Curricular Competencies, a.k.a. “skills for life”. Click here for a list of our FLEX courses.
  3. WIN Days
    • WIN Days, built into HIVE’s structure, is time for staff to meet to tweak the model so that it is constantly improving.

Together, HUB, FLEX, & WIN provide a more personalized learning experience, and it all starts in HIVE.

  • Higher-order thinking: Fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills
  • Innovation: Encouraging creativity, originality, and the exploration of new ideas
  • Versatility: Promoting adaptability, flexibility, and the ability to learn across disciplines
  • Engagement: Creating an active and participatory learning environment that promotes student involvement and interest
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