This is a work in progress!  We will add the list of extensions below to get in touch with our admin team. The best way to get in contact with your child’s teachers is by email. We always do our best to get back to you asap! (We’re working on linking the hyper-links too!)


  • Our Admin Team

    Ms. L’Esperance-Claude, Interim Principal
    Ms. M. Verelli, Secretary, extension  358

    Ms. F. LeBlanc, Vice Principal, Middle School
    Ms. E. Byrne, Secretary, extension 362

    Mr. L. Scantlebury, Vice Principal, Senior School
    Ms. S. Williams, Secretary, extension 351

    Ms. D. Blasi, Accounts, extension 336

    Mr. F. Charette, Student Records/Attendance, extension  353

    Ms. C. Macbeth, Media Centre, extension 342

    Ms. M. Turbide, Library/Uniform Store, extension 347

    Ms. I. St-Jean, Option-etudes, extension  404

  • Our Teachers

    Mrs V Allan Learning Centre
    Mr M Anderson Phys Ed
    Ms P Apostolakos IB Science
    Mr M Audette Phys Ed
    Mme C Bigras Français
    Ms J Bolton IB English
    Ms C Boudreault English
    Mme S Boyer Français
    Mme S Caisse IB Phys Ed
    Ms A Caza Math
    Ms S Chartrand Alternative
    Mr P Cousins WOTP
    Mr P Couture IB English / Physics
    Ms A Croteau WOTP
    Ms P Dann IB English
    Mr D Del Guidice IB Social Studies / English
    Ms J Della Valle Learning Centre
    Ms J Doyle Math
    Mme J Dufort Option-études
    M G Dulude IB Français
    Mme C Enault IB Français
    Mr S Gaines WOTP
    Mr G Giroux English
    Ms J Glavac Social Studies
    Ms M Glover English
    Ms J Godin Science
    Ms S Grant English / IEP’s
    Ms C-A Gundry-White Drama
    Mr E Herskovits English
    Ms S Hinkson Science
    Ms S Iacovozzi Social Studies
    Ms K Jadah Science
    Ms P Johnson Math
    Mr R Kiddie IB Math
    Ms A Kiley Science
    Mr S Kiraly English
    Ms J Konkova Dance
    Mr W Kurzydlo Alternative
    Ms E Kyle Dance
    M F Lachaine Français
    Mr S Lucu IB Science
    Mr R MacKenzie Science
    Mr D Marcotte Option-études
    Ms S McDonagh Middle School
    Mme S Meres Français
    Ms H Monette Math
    Ms P Monette Social Studies / IEP’s
    Ms C Moriello IB English
    Ms M Morrison IB Drama
    Ms M Mullin Middle School
    Mr D Neudorfer English
    Mme G Paquette Français
    Ms J Pennington Learning Centre
    Mr B Pitts Phys Ed
    Ms C Plescia Middle School
    Mme C-A Poirier Français
    Mr S Prinicpe Phys Ed
    Ms M Quagliotto Art
    Mrs J Reid Home Economics / ERC
    Ms J Sheehan Option-études
    Ms J Smeall Learning Centre
    Mme M Trudeau Option-études
    Ms K Valade-Smith IB Tech/Art
    Mme M Vezina Français
    Ms M Wallace IB Math


  • Student Support

    Ms L Alibino Student Support
    Ms N Bareil Special Ed Technician
    Ms C Brown Special Ed Technician
    Ms M Brown Special Ed Technician
    Ms K Duknic 340 Guidance Counsellor
    Ms J Giuliani Social Ed Technician
    Ms M Gregoire 352 CLSC Nurse
    Ms S Iaboni Social Ed Technician
    Ms V Johnstone Special Ed Technician
    Ms Z Jurkus 482 Counsellor in Re-Education
    Ms M Leblanc Recreational Activity Technician
    Ms J Litwin Student Supervisor
    Mr S McRae Student Support, PASS
    Mr T Muirhead 303 Student Support, GOAL
    Ms J Myers Special Ed Technician
    Ms H Nielsen Special Ed Technician
    Ms E Radford Special Ed Technician
    Mme V Regimballe TBA 311 Student Services
    Ms D Scalia-King Student Support, WOTP
    Ms M Tremblay-McLellan Special Ed Technician
    Ms J Zitouni Special Ed Technician