Governing Board

All schools have a Governing Board as mandated by Quebec’s Ministry of Education.

Governing Boards are made up of an equal number of staff members and parents. Working together with the school Principal, the Governing Board plays a vital role in determining a school’s direction. Governing Board vacancies are filled every year during the Annual General Meeting of Parents.

Governing Boards are responsible for approving and overseeing a variety of issues including: the school’s educational projects, implementing the school’s regulation policy, the time allocated to each subject, the school budget and the student supervision policy.

Contact Sandra Williams, HSB school secretary, for more information, minutes, or to get in touch with a member of our Governing Board.

Governing Board Members

Parent Members
Tina Truffa, Chairperson
Troy Cornford
Anthony Cipriani
Dana Hoshowatiuk
Pierre Paoloni
Keith Potts
Nadia Pruneau
Lorna Sing

HSB Staff Members
Patricia Dann
Sandy Grant
Jodie Doyle
Paula Monette
Bryan Pitts
Mackenzie Anderson
Kateri Duknic
Marcia Turbide
HSB Community Representative
Anthony Spadaccino

HSB Student Representative
Austin Weiss
Keisha Cox