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How we dress often depends on individual taste, economic situation and/or family, social, religious or cultural norms. Dress can be viewed as a means for personal expression which allows one to explore and define his or her individuality. However, certain basic dress standards must be followed in order to maintain a safe, secure, positive and productive environment which allows students to be free from offensive or distracting influences and which provides a focused atmosphere conducive to teaching and learning.

H.S.B. has a dress policy which states that students must attend school in the school’s uniform. The uniform must be worn during the entire instructional day, in the library and detention hall.

The school uniform is as follows:

  • Any item of clothing that has been deemed part of the current H.S.B. collection from the school’s uniform supplier, or true likeness of (i.e. no jeans, cargo pants, tights/yoga pants, etc).
  • All shirts, sweaters, vests must have the embroidered HSB logo on the garment, no hoodies.
  • Only solid white or navy underclothing can be visible under the proper shirt, sweater or vest (i.e. no hoodies, etc).

We are happy to announce that Loft has been chosen by our Governing Board to be our new school uniform supplier, effective immediately.
During the school year, the uniform store (situated in the Library) will open from 12h30 to 1h30 on Tuesdays. The store opening date will be announced soon.
Payment by Cash, Interac, Visa and Mastercard.
You may also order online using profile #028 https://www.loftuniforms.com/login.aspx?lang=en

Loft Uniform Sale

Loft Uniform will hold their sale on May 29. You MUST make an appointment through their website by May 25, using the profile #028 https://www.loftuniforms.com/login.aspx?lang=en More information & instructions can be found on the attached graphic.
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