Learning during COVID

Students may remove their procedural masks while seated in class. Masks must still be worn in common areas and on the school bus.
Please refer to this link: by-zone mask guide.
We are currently “yellow”. Updated June 14, 2021.

In an effort to help stop the spread of COVID19, the Quebec Government implemented a blended schedule of in-person and online learning for our senior students. As of Monday, May 31, we are very happy to welcome back all our Grade 9 students into the building . They will finish the year in person, every day. 

Since our Grades 10s and 11s were never bubbled (in order to maximize their selection of option courses, and CEGEP program requirements), we must leave these students on their alternating schedule.  

Thank you for your continued patience with all the changes this year has brought us.
A reminder of the Public Health guidelines we must continue to follow.   The bubbles mandated by the government at the beginning of the year continue to be in force.  With the variant upon us, and until we are advised otherwise, we will be enforcing all the rules from Santé Publique with our students:
  • hand sanitizing as you enter the building
  • staying within your assigned bubble
  • keeping 2 meters away from students in other bubbles
These protocols are in place for everyone’s health and safety.   Students breaking these protocols especially will serve a minimum 2-day suspension.  
Please speak with your children about the importance of following the rules.  

Online Learning Resources

June 2021

(Yay, we made it!)