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Vision Chateauguay was Billings’ student-produced newspaper from 2001 to 2016. It was created as a journalism project with the goals of creating understanding among generations, building bridges in the community and instilling pride in local achievements. It was distributed to various institutions in Chateauguay and Kahnawake, including English speaking elementary schools and churches. The project allowed students to explore their community, to gather information on their various areas of interest, and to capture interesting photos, while also improving their writing and communication skills. Their articles featured many positive stories from Billings and the community, as well as their opinions on current events, changing trends and changes they wanted to see.

The fruits of their labour were enjoyed for more than a decade by the community, but the newspaper succumbed to the fate of many newspapers of the decade when it lost its funding in 2016. Here is the last issue from the Spring of 2016.

Read our Spring Edition Now!  +  bonus feature: 2015 Athletic Award Recipients

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