HSB’s V-ECAs – Something for everyone!

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Just what are Virtual ECAs you ask? Virtual Extracurricular Activities! V-ECAs are fantastic FREE activities for all HSB students. One activity per student on a first-come, first-served basis. There’s a max of 15 students per activity – so sign up fast!

What will you need? A device with a mic and an internet connection (laptop, desktop, tablet, or cell with camera). Anything else you need is in the activity’s description — most things will be provided to you! There are a few easy steps to follow . . .

  1. Choose your activity and register here. You’ll have to be logged in to your NFSB student account to register.
  2. Pick up an authorization and/or loan agreement from from Ms. Hirsh in the Student Lounge.
  3. Have a parent sign the form.
  4. Return it to Ms. Hirsh asap
  5. Enjoy your activity!

Activity Start date & length Day Description
Basketball Ball Handling & Fitness Nov.2 (8 weeks)1st class Ped day** Monday Skill development of  beg.- inter. ball handling drills. Certain fitness activities will be done to improve strength and conditioning.
Basketball Ball Handling & Fitness Nov.4 (8 weeks) Wednesday Same as above
Energizing Yoga Flow Nov.3 (8 weeks) Tuesday Explore the foundations of yoga and be introduced to or deepen your yoga practice. Learn about the foundations of yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, & alignment.
Energizing Yoga Flow Nov.5 (8 weeks) Thursday Same as above
Boxing Conditioning Nov.3 (8 weeks) Tuesday Physical training:-weight transfer, punching combos, & shadow box Mental training:-problem-solving,self-confidence,self-control
Boxing Conditioning Nov.5 (8 weeks) Thursday Same as above
HIIT Fitness Nov.4 (8 weeks) Wednesday To improve cardiovascular conditioning, bodyweight strength and flexibility. Emphasis on exercise technique and functional bodyweight exercises in a fun and fast-paced environment.
HIIT Fitness Nov.5 (8 weeks) Thursday Same as above
Irish Dancing “Riverdance” Nov.3 (7 weeks) Tuesday Learn the basics with a qualified dance instructor, in a friendly supportive environment.
Intro to Golf Nov.3 (8 weeks) Tuesday Students will be introduced to the basics of the golf swing:- grip, stance, ball position, take-away and backswing, transition, and follow through. Introduction to chipping, pitching and putting.
Wilderness survival Nov.2 (7 weeks) 1st class Ped day Monday Focus on the 8 essential skills to surviving in the wilderness:- planning, assembling and sleeping in a shelter, fixing one-pot meals, fire building, orienteering, wilderness first aid and more
Side Hustle Project “Entrepreneurship” Nov.3 (8 weeks) Tuesday Students will learn how to start and run your own business. Come up with an idea, launch a non-profit, a new invention or your dream project.
Self-Care 101:DIY Eco-friendly skincare Nov.4 (8 weeks) Wednesday Make your own skincare products from scratch. Products like body scrub, shampoo bar, candles, lip gloss and roll-on fragrance
Doodle Challenge Nov.3 (8 weeks) Tuesday Want to improve your doodling skills or just love to doodle? Each week a new inspiration and technique is explored. Drawing concepts are explained
Art Journaling Nov.4 (8 weeks) Wednesday An art journal is a visual diary where you practice making art while expressing yourself. Record your thoughts & ideas by combining visual journaling & writing. Every imaginable style, media and technique is used.
Stressbusters – Meditation & Breathwork sec1-3 Nov.3 (8 weeks) Tuesday To relieve stress, for leadership and communication skills, and tools to manage your thoughts and emotions
Stressbusters – Meditation & Breathwork sec 4-5 Nov.4 (8 weeks) Wednesday Same as above
Hsin Tao Yoga Nov.5 (8 weeks) Thursday  Hsin Tao Yoga is movement and breath in meditation. It aligns body, mind and spirit with self-healing, emotional stability & inner-harmony.
Laughing Yoga Nov.4 (8 weeks) Wednesday Laughing Yoga is a fun way to release stress and boost your immune system. We will stretch, breathe and laugh….a lot
Kitchen Brigades Nov.10 (approx. 24 weeks Jan.-May 2021) ** Tuesday Virtual culinary workshops from home, where Chef does a review with an explanation of the recipe and demonstration. Then practice time of cooking the recipe, live with the chef.