IB Programme FAQs

  • How does my child apply to the Howard S. Billings IB Programme?

    Information about the exam will only be published in mid-September. Please check our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) and our IB Programme webpage (https://hsb.nfsb.qc.ca/about-ib-programme/) for more details at that time. For all other inquiries regarding the IB Programme that our IB Programme webpage is unable to answer, we invite you to email Ms. P. Dann (pdann@nfsb.qc.ca)
    Students interested in joining the IB Programme must write an entrance exam in the fall of their Grade 6 year. The exam takes place at Howard S. Billings High School and students must pre-register.

    Registration documents are sent to the elementary schools in late September and are available for download from our website in early October. Howard S. Billings uses third-party specialists in entrance examinations to administer and moderate the exam. Acceptance letters are mailed to families approximately 6 to 8 weeks after the exam.

    A second exam period for Grade 6 students takes place in June. Students must pre-register in early May. This exam is written at the offices of the exam moderators and is only available if places remain in the Grade 7 class.

    Students wishing to join the IB Programme in Grades 8 or 9 must have their parents contact the school administration to indicate their interest. No entrance exam is required; however, students must be in good academic standing and there must be room in the grade level.

    Students enrolled in an IB Programme at another school may transfer into the programme, provided they are in good academic standing and space is available.

    A student must be registered with the New Frontiers School Board and must have access to English education to be considered as a candidate for the programme.

  • What are the costs associated with the programme?

    The programme fee for the 2019-2020 academic year is $400. and must be paid before the beginning of the school year. This fee does not cover costs such as: workbooks, field trips, uniforms, student supervision fees, sports or club fees.

  • Are there a lot of field trips?

    There are many opportunities for IB students to take their learning outside of the classroom. Daytime field trips, extended field trips and workshops are an integral part of the learning environment and are highly valued.

  • Is there a lot of homework?

    As with all students in high school, students in the IB Programme are expected to keep up with their studies, and that includes nightly homework and work on long-term assignments. The coursework in the programme is rigorous but integral to their overall development. Students need to ensure that they organize their time to successfully complete their work. Teachers are always available to help students with any questions.

  • What is the Personal Project?

    IB students must complete an independent unit of study, which is the culmination of their learning and experiences throughout the IB programme. The project is started towards the end of Grade 10 and culminates in a showcase towards the middle of Grade 11.

  • Is there a uniform?

    IB students must wear the Howard S. Billings uniform.

  • Can IB students be part of HSB sports teams, clubs, or activities?

    IB students are members of the HSB school community and are strongly encouraged to participate in HSB student life. The IB Learner Profile encourages students to develop and maintain balance in their lives, and participating in the many different activities that the school has to offer is one of many ways to do that.

  • Are volunteer hours mandatory?

    Yes, volunteer hours are mandatory. A fundamental part of the IB Programme is that students be contributing members of their local and global communities. IB students must complete Service as Action hours each year. Students can check out the Service as Action webpage for ideas about where to volunteer or check with our Service as Action Supervisor for more information.

    In order to earn an official MYP certificate from IB at the end of Grade 11, students must have successfully completed the required hours. Students must log their hours on ManageBac in order to receive credit for them.

  • Why is the IB Programme at HSB referred to as the “Middle Years Programme” (MYP)?

    IB is a continuum that spans over the elementary, high school, and post-secondary years. The elementary programme is referred to as the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the high school programme is referred to as the Middle Years Programme (MYP), and the post-secondary programme is referred to as the Diploma Programme (DP).